Park and Jet is your

fast, convenient and cost-effective long term parking San Jose Airport solution in San Jose, CA. Our San Jose Airport shuttle service is free and will get you to San Jose International in a few minutes. read more
Our Features

We Save Your Time & Money

Long term parking at the San Jose Airport is $15 a day! Ouch! Our daily rates are guaranteed to be ½ that or even less and we are just down the street from the terminal. Our shuttles take you to the terminal in under 3 minutes from our parking lot.


Free Shuttle to & From the Airport

Our lot is small so you don’t have to walk long distances and our shuttle takes you right where you need to be … the terminal. We carry your luggage and get you to the airport in under 3 minutes time. Our shuttles run round the clock every 5-10 minutes.


Open 24 Hours a Day 365 Days Year

Our staff works on holidays so you can enjoy yours. Have an early flight? We are here for you. Coming back late, no worries our night shift works around the clock to get you back to your car and on your way home.


Secure Lot Staffed, Fenced & Lighted

Don't park your car in a lot that anyone can go in and out from, they are not safe. Our lots are guarded 24/7 by trained security and there is only one in and out... through them. Why should you have to worry about your car being broke in while your suppose to be on vacation?


Indoor Parking & Car Covers

Wouldn't it be nice to have your car parked indoors where it can stay clean, dust free, cool and dry? We are proud to be THE ONLY INDOOR SAN JOSE AIRPORT PARKING SOLUTION. Still want the same benefits of indoor parking outdoors? We also rent car covers to keep the dust off while your car is with us.


Self Park and Valet Parking

Are you in a rush? Leave your car at the front gate and jump in to the shuttle! We provide valet parking service at no additional cost. Don’t want to leave your keys with us? No worries, you choose your parking spot and lock up your own car. Our lot is not huge so you won’t be lost or have to walk a long distance to get to the shuttle.

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What People Say

I had an excellent experience! Very friendly driver and I waited just 5 minutes for the shuttle to pick me up in the airport. I'll come back again for sure!

Robert F.

Excellent service and plan on using again.

Robert F.
Phillip H.

Park and Jet worked great for my family's trip to Seattle. It's much closer to the airport than the old lot we used in the past, and a really great deal. The somewhat old van was waiting when we arrived and took us directly to the airport. When we returned, we called their number to tell them we arrived. Only waited about 5 minutes for the van to take us to our car. I'll use them again.

Phillip H.